Characteristics of the specialty

Pulmonology and phthisiology is a core medical specialty comprehensively dealing with respiratory tract diseases and tuberculosis. The specialty is concerned with identification, prevention, epidemiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, rehabilitation, expertise and research regarding respiratory tract diseases including tuberculosis (TB) at all sites and respiratory cancers. An integral part is both undergraduate and postgraduate education in the field. The objective is to comprehensively address issues related to the above diseases to improve and strengthen the health of the population in the Czech Republic.

History of the specialty in the Czech territory

The first medical scientific society in Czechoslovakia was the Czechoslovak Scientific Anti-Tuberculosis Society founded in July 1919. In 1946, it merged with organizations founded later (Association of Physicians in Tuberculosis Facilities – 1924 and Association of Phthisiologists of the Czechoslovak Republic – 1933) into the Czechoslovak Pulmonological and Phthisiological Society, a part of the Czech Medical Association since 1951. In the federal Czechoslovak state, two organizations – the Czech and Slovak Pulmonological and Phthisiological Societies – were governed by a common federal committee. After the split of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Pulmonological and Phthisiological Society has continued its activity as a separate entity.

Terms of membership

Any medical practitioner or health professional working in the territory of the Czech Republic may become a member of the Czech Pulmonological and Phthisiological Society (CPPS), provided that they are interested in lung diseases and are members of the Czech Medical Association. If the applicant works outside the Czech Republic, their membership application may be considered by the CPPS Committee. The CPPS membership provides an opportunity to have direct contacts with events organized by the society, discuss issues with other members and get regular copies of the journal Studia pneumologica.

Executive Board:

President: prof. Martina Vašáková, MD, PhD 
1st vicepresident: Ivana Peterová-Čierná, MD
2nd vicepresident: prof. Miloslav Marel,, MD, PhD  
Science secretary: assoc.prof. Vladimír Koblížek, MD, PhD
Treasurer: prof. Jana Skřičková, MD, PhD

assoc. prof. Kristián Brat, MD, PhD.
assoc. prof. Libor Fila, MD, PhD
Petr Jakubec, MD, PhD
Vratislav Sedlák, MD, PhD
assoc. prof. Milan Sova, MD, PhD.
assoc. prof. Milan Teřl, MD, PhD
Pavel Turčáni, MD, PhD
assoc. prof. Jiří Votruba, MD, PhD.

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