GAA-INTERASMA / Management of mild asthma - webinars

19. 01. 2021

On behalf of GAA- Interasma, President Prof. Louis – Philippe Boulet, we kindly invite you to participate in the one-hour monthly educational webinars from September to June each year.


24 September 2020 Pr Louis-P. Boulet: Overview of GINA 2020 - COMPLETED

29 October 2020 Dr Daniel J Jackson: Update on COVID, asthma and related diseases COMPLETED

26 November 2020 Pr Lawrence DuBuske: Eosinophilic Asthma COMPLETED

17 December 2020 Pr Jean Bousquet: Treatment of rhinitis – the ARIA program COMPLETED

21 January 2021 Pr Paul O’Byrne: Management of mild asthma

25 February 2001 Pr G. Walter Canonica: Update on severe asthma – new developments

25 March 2021 Pr Pascal Chanez: Inhaled and oral corticosteroids in asthma

22 April 2021 Pr Jonathan Bernstein: Environmental and workplace influences on asthma

27 May 2021 Pr Fulvio Braido: Perception of severe asthma and its treatment by Clinicians

The 5th webinar will be organized on January 21, 2021, at USA-Canada EST 10.00, CET 16.00
Speaker: Prof.  Paul O’Byrne, Moderator: Prof.  Jonathan Bernstein

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