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Studia pneumologica et phthiseologica (SPP) is a journal with an 80-year tradition. It was first published in 1939 under the title Rozhledy v tuberkulose. After a short break during the Second World War, it continued to be published from 1945. In 1974, the title was changed to Studia pneumologica et phthiseologica cechoslovaca. Since 1993 (vol. 53), the abridged title SPP has been used. The journal was published alternately in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since 2002, it has been published by Trios in the Czech Republic. Each year, six issues are released, usually at the end of even months. SPP, as a scientific journal, takes pride in the quality of its peer-review process which is anonymous. Each manuscript is reviewed by two independent experts. Based on the reviewer comments, manuscripts may be accepted for publication or returned to the author(s) so that changes are made or rejected.

SPP is an official journal of the Czech Pneumological and Phthiseological Society and its Slovak counterpart. It aims to provide information to all those concerned with respiratory diseases. The journal contains original articles by Czech/Slovak as well as foreign authors, reviews dealing with current issues in pneumology and short communications. Our effort is to include multidisciplinary topics in cooperation with internists, thoracic surgeons, oncologists and other specialists.

The journal is regularly sent to all pneumologists in the Czech Republic free of charge as part of their society membership. Similarly, it has been distributed to members of the Slovak Pneumological and Phthiseological Society since 2006. In other words, all pneumologists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have access to the journal. Moreover, the journal is subscribed to by lung surgeons, oncologists, general practitioners, internists, allergologists, companies, public libraries throughout the Czech Republic and medical libraries. The journal is sent by mail via delivery service. Since 2005, the Editor-in-Chief has been prof. MUDr. Miloslav Marel, CSc.

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Mgr. Sabina Janovicová, DiS.


Studia pneumologica et phthiseologica
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Publisher: TRIOS, spol. s r. o.

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